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ThinkJava #1

ThinkJava #1

19 November 2014

NIX Solutions uses best endeavors to inspire Kharkov’s professional developers. That’s why we have organized #ThinkPHP conference, which was a success. This time NIX Solutions introduces Kharkov IT pros and beginners to ThinkJava.

The company’s developers visited SpringOne 2GX in Dallas and came back with an idea to arrange an event for Kharkov’s Java community.

The first meeting of Java professionals was held in November at the conference room at Metalist stadium.

Oleg Gorchenok opened the meet up. His report was about theory and practice of Java 8, and about recent developments in that field. The report was of a great interest to the audience so Oleg had a lot of questions to answer.

Lively discussions on Java 8 went on during the coffee-break. #1 ThinkJava conference attendees had a chance to communicate with their peers and share the impressions on conference.

Egor Bondar was the next speaker. His report, titled “Spring 4.x - Evolution or Revolution?” aroused a keen interest in audience and provoked breezy discussion of the Spring 4.x advantages and a question and answer session after the presentation.

Anton Semannyk and Vladimyr Malynin concluded the conference with an energetic, practical speech about crisis in production sector and a case study with solution. This talk generated lots of buzz and tons of practical questions.

The fact that the first Java developers oriented happening assembled large audience, confirmed our opinion that Kharkov needs professional Java events. ThinkJava #1 was the first of many.

All speakers were awarded with a cute Java mascot Duke.

There is no doubt that Kharkov’s talented developers are eager to share and expand their expertise. We are waiting to see you at the second ThinkJava conference among our speakers or attendees!