19 April 2016

Cool. I liked the lecture about HACK. Despite the last commentator)

Taras Kovrijenko

Thank you for the interesting reports! I will make a brief review: Sergei Movchan – thank you for the interesting report with a humorous undertone, which helped us all to wake up. The topic of Artem Kolesnikov’s report was interesting, but unfortunately the report itself was a little disappointing – not because of the material, which was very interesting and useful, but because of the way the information was presented, the speech was monotonous, with no emphasis on important points. Kudos to Anatoly Kolesnik for the interesting information, that was very helpful! The organization, as always, was perfect.

Andrew N.

23 April 2015

Hopefully such meetings will continue. And now that you’ve asked for a report – I could tell about Git Hub, or rather to show and to explain. At the previous ThinkPHP conferences a lot of reports seemed too specific and profound to me, and a considerable part of the audience did not understand the subject. As a listener, I would like reports to be more down-to-earth. This time everything was clear and I really enjoyed it.

Sergey P.