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Experience exchange

Some time ago NIX Solutions gurus came up with the idea of communities where Ukrainian developers would be able to share experience under informal circumstances. So said so done. Now NIX Solutions is organizing 3 types of conferences in Kharkiv. Ukrainian web developers can discuss their work at ThinkPHP conference, ThinkJava is for Java developers and Kharkiv WordPress Meetup for specialists in CMS.

Solutions to every task

NIX Solutions team pays much attention to professional development as we believe this is a condition for creating only quality projects. Our employees continue studying and improving their skills everyday, attend professional conferences, organize training courses and lectures for coworkers. NIX proficiency level is always growing. That is the reason why our clients choose NIX team.

Every project is a success

NIX Solutions has been on the IT market for over 20 years. Being a flagship IT outsourcing company we have a great history, fun traditions and impressive portfolio. Every NIX project is a success as we apply innovative approaches and really care about client’s business.


Think JAVA

830+ members

3 meetings

Originally inspired by the SpringOne2GX, this unique conference organized by NIX Solutions in Kharkiv brings together many of the industry's software developers, project leaders, trainers, and students in the Java space.

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Think PHP

670+ members

12 meetings

ThinkPHP Conference organized by NIX Solutions in Kharkiv is a unique opportunity for application developers, students, data architects and all those involved in the PHP environment to learn about the latest trends and technologies.

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Kharkiv WP

630+ members

3 meetings

WordPress is not just popular but is increasingly becoming a significant technology player. What better way to keep current and bounce off ideas about this space than a meetup?

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350+ members

2 meetings

There are many ways to learn new things in .Net. You can read the professional resources or Google with hope to find out something useful. However, the most effective way is to get into Sync.NET conference, organized by NIX Solutions.

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